Situated around a long, exceedingly deep lake tucked into the steep western flank of the Orocarni (Q.: "Red Mountains") a remnant of the long-lost Inland Sea of Helcar, Khelgardh ("Realm of Glass"; PQ."Kyelegardâ"), was a mysterious Avarin realm. Legends suggested that it constituted part of ancient Cuiviénen, the old coastal home of the Quendi. Khelgardh's Elven overlords lived in a beautiful, pastoral land characterized by waterfalls and streamside parks. A great circular earth-wall surrounded their kingdom. Thus, the Avari remained apart from the Hildor. The three entries into Khelgardh all followed long, heavily-guarded channels and passageways.

Only the East-gate, the "Doors of Morning", were kept unlocked. They opened toward Moinarlin (Q.: "Dear Exalted Mere"), a pool fed by three waterfalls and the birthplace of the river Kuiviesîr. The Doors of Morning actually opened onto a grass-covered road that wound under the great cataract spills out from Moinarlin. The fall formed a watery arch that gave birth to a virtually perpetual rainbow.

The Kuiviesîr was one of three major streams emptying into the great lake of Khelkeneni. Khelkeneni was all that remained of the Gaer Helkar. Its cold shores formed the core of the Avari's guarded homeland.

Settlements and Points of Interest


Dardariann Mormiresûl Morwe Nurwe Ulgarin


Original form in MERP: Helcarth


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