Kheledh-Dûm was a Dwarven settlement in the Ered Engrin in Avikangsdar on the Northern Peninsula.

Mansion was held by Stiffbeards, since mid-S.A. with eventually support of small troops of Blacklocks mercenaries.

Two versions of Blacklocks appearance in Kheledh-Dûm

  • According to EARPG, Kheledh-Dûm was etablished by Blacklocks who shortly afterwards were absorbed by locals Stiffbeards:

In the Far North, Frûhar’s Folk were the third branch of Druin’s Folk. They were eventually joined by a small group of Druin’s Folk, coming from Rûrîk: they co-founded Kheledh-dûm, and in a few generation were absorbed by the locals Stiffbeards.

  • According to LoME III - Frûhar’s biography, Kheledh-Dûm was etablished by Stiffbeards whereas  Frûhar's coming was only an event:

S.A. ca. 1500 Frûhar son of Gûrh led a faction of Axes of Nargubraz to the Northern Peninsula where they joined the Stiffbeards of Kheledh-Dûm

Despite those two versions of Kheledh-Dûm origins, knowledge of (legendary to citizens of Kheledh-Dûm) Rûrîk's dominion were comonly known.


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