Lord Khargôz of Namfaldir

Khargos Stormbeard.jpg

Time Period
FA 262 - 460

Khargôz son of Gwenras and Thavric, was the grandson of King Thrar II of Nogrod. He was mostly known as the King's advisor in Nogrod and as the founder of the Stormbeard Clan.


Khargôz was born into nobility F.A. 262 due to his mother Gwenras being the daugther of King Thrar II. His father Thavric had no blood of royalty nor nobility, but was a fairly skilled warrior. Khargôz was quickly given an advisor role on the royal Counsil of Dunborim when he reached manhood. He served well as an advisor to the King on matters of defensive warfare. He was later elected as mentor to the young Prince Dolin IV because of his wisdom and talent for leadership.

Khargôz was later on rewarded the old keep of Namfaldir by the eastern borders of Ered Luin, in exchange for his loyalty and service to the crown. He was also given charge in protecting the kingdom on the eastern borders. Khargôz felt distanced towards the Firebeards because of the great gap between Namfaldir and the capital, so he founded his own clan known as Stormbeard.

Khargôz had two sons known as Dwornic and Muirgarn. Dwornic was the eldest and was chosen as Commanding Officer of the batallion stationed at Namfaldir, which was known as the Stormbreakers. Muirgarn was succeeding Khargôz at the Council of Dunborim as Warmaster, the advisor in matters of warfare.

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