Kathôl was a powerful mage who had been given the gift to Shapeshift into a black serpent by his master Sauron. The Harad warrior also was a master of poison, magic, and melee. However, he met his end in the war against the Last Alliance. At the Battle of Dagorlad, he was struck down by Elendil, who severed his head with Narsil, the blade's flame cauterizing his wound.

Kathôl had tried to make a name for himself as a disciple of Sauron, seeking people to worship him and trying to form a cult with himself in the center of worship but the sect died with its founder, but in the end, the legacy of Kathôl's transformation would become influential for the traditions of the Haradrim of future generations. Though few knew his real name, all knew him as Maib Damak, the High Priest to the Silent One!

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