Calling Water and Surroundings

Calling Water (Hi."Loch Gairm",Or."Karmaz-Dewuk") was a long, cold, black lake. Its still waters were fed by mountain brooks and underground streams, including one from under Garzûgûl. This pool was also disliked by the Orcs, except as a place for disposing of unwanted rubbish. The fishing was poor. The only inhabitants of the lake were tiny, tasteless creatures called Edling, and gigantic White Powan— powerful, 6' long creatures capable of knocking a fisherman off the bank or upsetting a small boat. Two small stone mounds, apparently cairns, stood close to the stream that drained the lake. They were the remains of huts once inhabited by Eriadoran herders.


Original form in MERP:Devoke Water


  • MERP:Angmar (2nd Edition)
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