Probably the eldest living Orc in Mount Gundabad, Karagat was an Uruk Priest. Ancient, foul, and withered in appearance, he was completely devoted to the powers of Darkness and evil. He maintained his seemingly interminable life (he was over a thousand

years old) by means of spells and the blood of sacrifices. The Common Orcs were terrified of Karagat, whom they believed to sip the blood of living Men and Orcs]. This was not far from the truth; his service to the cause of Sauron had won him a talisman which transforms him into a giant vampire bat. Karagat never left Mount Gundabad in his Orcish form, remaining in the Great Temple and ruling over the lesser Priests of Darkness, but it was whispered that he sometimes flew forth in bat guise seeking fresh victims.


  • MERP:Mount Gundabad
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