Kîrani Warriors

The Kîrani or Kîranâi (Na."Descendants of the Kîr") were a people of the Utter South of Middle-Earth.Their ancestors in the Second Age were believed to had been friends with some of the Avari tribes of the South, the Cuind and Kinn-Lai, a friendship that was still preserved to a degree by those Kirani of Koronande while other men of this old tribal coalition had abandoned their sympathy for the immortals.

While originally the Kîran had been a larger confederacy of different sedentary tribes, of which also the ancestors of the Ganim and Tuktans had once been part, the name Kîranâi was merely used in the Third Age as a self-identification by the men of Kôronânde.


The Kirani were often considered an exotic but beautiful folk, not only by the northern Haradrim but even by the Númenóreans who usually disdained Lesser Men.Being often tall and slender, with dark bronze to ebony coloured skin and wiry hair, the Kirani suited the Númenórean's ideas of the noble savage and Kirani women often found themselves victims of slave hunters who dragged them into the slave-markets and harems of the great coastal cities of western Harad.


Originally the Kirani had been sedentary tribes of the savannas, jungles and bushlands of the farthest south, but in the second age a number of their tribes united to a tribal republic in the lands of Kôronânde along the southern shores of the Haragaer. These Kirani advanced under Númenórean and Elven influence into a more urban culture of Traders and Craftsmen and still held some contacts and friendship with the neighbouring Elves of Tâlirân.


The Kirani spoke an old Tuktanin dialect known as Kîranaic

Kîrani of Renown:

Eternam Pomeran Indûr Dawndeath Kayliss of Koronande Kratti Loran Klien Mai Gani Okimbu Onome Idrissa Si Maelstrom Zollo Hann Zufyan


The Kîranaic languages, made up the the ICE Authors, were spoken mainly in southern Middle-Earth and are loosely based on Hamitic vocabulary.

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