James C. Hare is the founder of the New Notion Club and main administrator of the Notion Club Archives.He unconsciously started to discover the forgottes past ages of Arda in his teens in the 1980ies and unintentionally travelled in his mind and by lucid dreams into the late Third Age, where he eventually discovered the persona of Haerangil o Pelargir, a Gondorian Loremaster, presumably a remote ancestor or even earlier incarnation of James C. Hare himself.As Hare continued to connect himself via lucid visions to Haerangil o Pelargir he became aware of the works published by Howard Green considering the Notion Club and the experiments performed by Alwin Lowdham, Michael George Ramer and their associates in the 1930ies-1950ies.Fascinated by the accordance of the Notion club´s unfinished works and his own experiences he decided to form a secret literary society, the New Notion Club (NNC) in the early 2000s.In the year 2012 he decided to start the Internet project known as "the Notion Club Archives" dedicated the publication of the NNC`s most recent discoveries.


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