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The Heren Istarion

The Heren Istarion or Order of Wizards was an organisation of mighty individuals who had been sent to middle-earth by the Valar to aid the free peoples in their struggle against Sauron.The exact number of the members of the Heren Istarion was not known but their heads were believed to be five individuals, known as the five wizards.The supreme Head of the order was always the white Wizard.

The five wizards

Lesser Wizards

The Games MERP and LOTRRPG both suggest lesser Wizards as members of the Heren Istarion.These can be lesser Maiar who accompanied the five Wizards or elves or mortals who were accepted as members of the Order via Wizard´s apprenticeship.

Known lesser Wizards


Tolkien gave contradicting statements on the exact number of the members of the Heren Istarion.While most of the time he just mentions five in at least one other text he stated that there were five Wizards who were the heads of the Order, leaving open the possibility of a greater number of lesser Wizards.