Irmo - Master of Dreams

Like his older brother Namo, Irmo (Q."Desirer") is one of the Feanturi (Q.: "Spirit-masters").


Irmo s fana is garbed in a deep forest-blue, like the color of trees in the moonlight. His tall, lithe form and gentle manner suggest his inner peace, but the fire of desire always kindles a very special spark within his eyes.


Spirits, dreams, desires, love, vision, peace.


He is the master of emotions and dreams, the spirit of life; thus his name "Desirer". Along with his wife Este, he rises at night in his homeland in the Forest of Lorien, journeying when the dreams of Eru's Children are most active. His older sister Nienna shoulders grief; Este heals the body; Irmo soothes the spirit. He understands the basic drives of the soul and, while his brother is the caretaker of fate or doom, he oversees the wishes and hopes inherent in ad spirits. Because of his wardship, Irmo is generous and always concerned with the happiness of others.




Irmo's Principal Items

  • Dark Blue robes
  • Grey Chariot - drawn by three dappled Horses
  • Silver Bowl
  • Staff (Stave of Dreams) — Irmo's staff can erase the dreams/desires of any.
  • Circlet (Irmire) — (Q. "Jewel of Desire") This gracile mithril headband is adorned with a deep blue diamond, which rests upon Irmo's brow. It can "capture" any dream/desire taken (erased) by the Stave of Dreams.


  • Mist-form — At night (including dawn and dusk) Irmo can take the form of mist at will, enabling him to travel with the wind or move in any direction. In such form he is invulnerable.
  • Perfect Illusions — Irmo can simultaneously concentrate upon and maintain multiple illusions.
  • Dream-mastery — Irmo can ascertain and visualize the dreams of any individual upon whom he concentrates.


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