Ingwë Ingweron


Time Period
Years of the Trees about 1050 - Dagor Dagorath
Iminion (Vanwe) (N); Ingwen (Ingwië) (N)

Ingwe (Q."First One") was the greatest of the Elves, being King of the Vanyar, and High King of the Eldar. He was revered for his awesome power, his imminent wisdom, and the glory of dwelling forever in the light of Manwe, closest to Eru. He transcended the Elves in knowledge and power and was in some ways greater than any Maia. Ingwe led the first of the Eldar, the Vanyar, to Aman following their awakening. He was therefore the leader of the first company, and unlike so many of his fellows, did not tarry for any reason on the way. Ingwe was the first Elf to ever set foot on Aman. The High King never returned again to Middle-earth except for the single occasion when he commanded the army of the Vanyar who, along with the Valar themselves, drove Morgoth out forever, destroyed almost all of his foul armies, and ruined both Thangorodrim and Angband. Ingwe far exceeded normal and natural limitations. Having dwelt in the music and wisdom of Aman for all the ages, he was among the Elves greatest in wisdom and master of almost every vocation and skill.


Ingwe was tall (7'4") and possessed long golden hair and golden amber eyes.

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