From the north edge of the Mistmere a rock- cut path ran eastward into the high mountain peaks of the Ered Úmarth, following the course of one of the streams which fed the lake. The stream and trail wound their way through the barren defile of Imlad Dirnen, the "Guarded Ravine". This gorge marked the site of the battle which had once taken place between the Noldor and the dragons of the neighboring heights in the year of Evermist's founding (S.A. 1700). The ravine terminated in a lonely stonefield littered with the bones of fallen drakes. This nightmarish scene was presided over by the barrow-mounds of the Noldor who had perished in that combat, silent sentinels against the ice-drakes still infesting the mountains beyond. Woven as they were with magical wards and enchanted banes, the mounds were held in utter terror by the worms, who dared not approach them. 

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