Last of the tribes of the Host of Gundabad to submit to the Goblin-king's power, the Ilguz (Orc."All-Cunning") were at first glance seemingly the least warlike of the Orcs, the polar opposites of the savage Huvorgha. Slow to attack, fighting only at need, the Ilguz had made themselves valuable in other ways. Subtle and clever, they furnished the best of the elite Trackers, as well as the most skillful of the Orcish craftworkers; and the Goblin-king acknowledged their importance by retaining them under his personal authority. In war, the Ilguz were the finest of the Orcish scouts and archers, giving way to the more aggressive tribes when melee was imminent. Their tribal banner was a red field filled by a black serpent coiled around a Mannish figure.The members of the Iak-thrakal were also mostly Ilguz, whose subtlety proved useful in the extracting of information from recalcitrant captives, or the punishment of those under the Goblin-king's displeasure.


Ghardak Torg Yazneg

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