Igathig Charioteer

The Igath ("All-People") were a collection of Tribes descending from the Easterling Tribes loyal to the Plains-god, most prominently the Gathmarig.They were formed by the King of the Town of Mistrand and also recruited among it´s vassal peoples as the Brygath.The self-identification as the "All-People" was used by choice to support the claim to represent the rule about all nations of Rhûn.

The other Wain-Easterlings of the Sagath and Logath Tribes later allied themselves with the Igath, and became part of the confederacy.

In the Westlands the Igath and their allied tribes were known as the Wainriders.

later History

After the fall of the Wainrider Realm the Igath coalition fell apart, some of their tribes eventually being drawn into the later Balchoth confederation.The Bozorganush of southeastern Rhûn were largely descendants of the Igath.


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