Idril Celebrindal (S."Sparkling Brilliance" "Silverfot") was the daughter of Turgon, King of Gondolin, and she suffered the unwelcome attentions of Maeglin until his bitter fall in the destruction of the Hidden City. With the help of Glorfindel, she escaped with her husband— the lordly Adan Tuor—and their son: Earendil the Mariner. Idril dwelt with Tuor for many years in Arvernien, until the Adan grew old; then they sailed together into the West. When they arrived at Aman Tuor was counted among the Firstborn and Idril dwelt in the Tower of Pearl on one of the Enchanted Isles.


  • -gold-haired
  • -habitually barefoot
  • -one of the fairest of the maidens of the Elves
  • -bright, silvery skin


  • clad in blue & Violet or Blue, Violet, Black & Green
  • Hadhafang


  • Irildë
  • Itarildë
  • Itarillë
  • Talcelep
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