Ice-Krals were a warlike race of the northern Seas.They were a subrace of the Karku, though much more intellegent and civilized than either their Gark and even their Sea-Kral kinsmen as they had a more organized tribal society and even a primitive Warrior-religion.Just like the Sea-Krals however they had an agressive Pirate-like culture and used to raid the northern coasts with their square-sailed longships, however they did not spend their entire life in their ships but knew settled sites and camps on land, where their clans lived.

Although they were smaller than men, had stout bodies covered almost entirely with dense white pelt and appeared ape-like they were usually believed to be close kin to both men and Trolls.


The Ice-Kral are a race from ICE's Rolemaster Universe, though they were first mentioned in Loremaster's "The Iron Wind".

If (re-) adapted to a Middle-Earth setting it would possibly be most appropiate to consider the Krals Orc-Kind and possibly identify them with the Sea-Orcs or Merlocks or/ and the Hiisiis or Ice-Orcs , though they also could be a sub-group of man which had escaped Morgoth's experiments, similar to the Drúedain.

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