The Celduin Narrows

Iach Celduin was a bridge and ruins at one of the few fords of the Celduin river. Here the Men-i-Naugrim ran North-East on the Eastern bank of the Celduin. A road ran north to the Long Lake and Lakemen Town. The Men-i-Dorwinion ran South and East toward the Sea of Rhûn and the rich wine-lands of Dorwinion. On the Western side of the Celduin a road ran to Alcisbaurg via the Men-i-Celduin. The river was navigiable to the foot of Long Lake and then south all the way to the Sea of Rhûn. A town had been built here several times to attend to the passage of trade, but had been destroyed by raiders out of the East, flooding from the Celduin, or pestilence out of the swamps to the North West.

A Dúnadan built tower dominated the landscape up in the hills and had stood since the second age. The tower was composed of granite blocks and had a steel door, locked by an exceedingly clever lock made by the Dwarves of the Iron Hills in ages past. No one lived there, or such was what is popularly believed. In all truth the tower was a waystation for the scouts of Gondor, though at times is was quite true that the tower was empty and no key lay in living hands due to some misfortune of war.

The ruins were often a waystation for travelers and merchants and at times bartering took place here. It also could be quite dangerous in later years as Gondor's power waned as nomadic tribes of horsemen sought for lightly protected caravans.

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