Ciryaher Hyarmendacil

An extremely strong Dúnadan Warrior-king, Ciryaher was Gondor's fifteenth monarch (T.A. 1015-1149). He was the last of four Ship-kings, the eldest son of Ciryandil, and the father of Atanatar II. His reign marked the height of the South Kingdom's power. He sought to avenge his father's death and campaigned in the South throughout the early part of his reign. His victory over the Haradrim brought all of Haradwaith under Gondorian control in T.A. 1050; thus his name Hyarmendacil (Q."South-victor").

Principle Items

The following items were the hereditary possessions of the Kings of Gondor. All of them except the "Helm of Elendil" were lost when King Eärnur disappeared in TA. 2050.

Other names

  • Kiryahir
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