A Hwenti-Avar

The Hwenti were one of the few known Avari tribes. They had originally been Hwendi who joined part the Host of Tareg but sundered from the other westwandering Kindreds and entered the southern Lands of the Bay of Belfalas, southern Gondor and Near-Harad. A small group had also stayed in the Pinnon Rhûn.

Detailed description


The Hwenti were a relatively simple Cave-dwelling Culture, most of them were Miners or fishermen.Metalwork was known to them through contact with the Ironfists and they became -by Avari standards- Masters of Metalwork, though they never traded their secrets to Men.


The Hwenti were small by elvish standard, sometimes barely reaching 5'7' '.They had ruddy, swart or dark hued skin, though more pale, ivory or silvery, complexion was not uncommon, and mostly dark brown or black hair with a few copper-haired exceptions.


The Hwenti were descendants of Hwenti who had joined the Host of Tareg after the Battle of Palisor.Their clans spread to western Rhûn near-Harad or the northern Lands of Ormal.


The Hwenti spoke an Avarin dialect called Hwentïa.


  • Some commentators have assumed that the form Hwenti may be Gothic-influenced.
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