The Huvorgha (Orc."Everlasting Howl") were the original Orc-Tribe of Mount Gundabad, survivors of the great flight from Angband under the command of Skorg, this tribe took pride in furnishing the fiercest warriors of Mount Gundabad as well as the most Greater Orcs. The guards of the Drake Gate and the border patrols of the citadel (with the best opportunities for raiding and looting) were drawn from the Huvorgha. Their tribal banner was a black field bearing crossed red scimitars.The Sulmog-vrás of Angmar were closely related to the Huvorgha.


Azog the Defiler Balcog Bolg the Strong Bolgbarz Bralg Brok of Gundabad Gordúf Grachuk Hurog Mukarg Obad Rolbog Skorg Zalg Zarbag

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