The younger brother of Hurin, Huor (Tal."fiery Spirit") was a valiant fighter and a friend of the Elves. He was the brave son of Galdor and Hareth, and but a mere youth when he joined his brother to fight the Orcs. Ulmo himself rescued them from the clutches of the Black Enemy's minions, and they made their way into the secret land of Gondolin — the first mortals to see the Hidden Realm. Turgon accepted them and a great alliance was forged. At his brother's side, Huor led a section of the army of Hithlum in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad (Q. "Battle of Tears Unnumbered"). He predicted the salvation of the Elves and Men by Earendil, and managed to convince Turgon to retreat into Gondolin. While covering his ally's withdrawal, he struck in the eye by a poisoned Orc-arrow and died.


  • one of the tallest of the edain
  • golden hair
  • blue eyes
  • muscular and strong

Huor's Principal Items:

  • Sword (Orcring) — ("Goblin-chill") The mate of Orcruin, it was a white eog sword with an edge of gleaming, clear laen. The edge shone with an eerie blue light and grew intensely cold and frosty when near Orcs
  • Cloak — ("Shadow") Full, hooded cloak of dark grey cloth of hiding
  • Boots — ("Winged-feet") Tall boots of soft grey leather which allowed the wearer to move silently and walk without leaving any trace of footprint.


  • Huore
  • Khōgorē
  • Peleg
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