Squire of Araw's Wild Hunt

The Faralië or People of the hunt were the Folk of the Vala Oromë .They were hunter-fairies, nature-spirits of the Forests, Mountains, hills, plains, deserts and marshes, but different from the folk of Yavanna, Irmo or Nessa, for they were more wild, unforgiving and dangerous and sometimes even ferocious and warlike.Yet they were noble and mighty and not lesser in power than the Warriors of Manwës and Vardas sky-folk or the Folk of Tulkas.They were hunters of beasts as well as their patrons, Guardians and defenders.Two mighty beings originally hailing from this tribe of the Maiar were Tilion, steersman of the Moon and Alatar, later one of the Blue Wizards.


Hunter-fairies of note:

Alatar Leukë Red Ruddy Rhi Helvarch Tilion Yantolindo

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