Huinë the Seer (Q."deep shadow" ;S."Fuinin") was an ancient Noldorin Elf, who dwelled in southern Mirkwood until the dying days of the Third Age. His origins were unclear, though he may have been one of the Exiles who had followed Fëanor to Middle Earth in the Elder Days. He was once the Grey Elf Oropher's friend and confidant, it can be presumed that he followed that Sindarin prince east following the War of Wrath.

By most lights, Huinë was quite insane. He wandered the woodlands as a stooped hermit, his great size obscured by his thick cloaks and mad-man's shambling stride. Some would contend that this was merely a facade, that the ancient Noldor was very much in possession of his wits, and used his disguise to oppose the Necromancer. Others suspected that while he may well have opposed the Necromancer, his will was broken and his mind with it.

Travellers tales credit the Seer with rescuing lost mortals from certain doom - or waylaying others from their path; in either case, all that the travellers remembered was a dim recollection of food and wine and then awakening on the forest floor in full daylight.

Huinë dwelled at Ceber Fanuifuin, a lonely and beautiful Elven fortress in the hills of southern Mirkwood. The wise were unclear as to where it was. Some said it was a mere 70 leagues from Amon Lanc, others that it was further north, a spire carved from the stone of the Mountains of Mirkwood.

What befell Huinë is unknown, but at least one source says that he followed Gildor Inglorion to Rivendell, and from there to the Grey Havens, and then home into the Uttermost West.


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