House Tarmeär (Q."House of the Pillar") or westronized Tarma, was one of the great Houses of Hîrath of Arthedain.The family's origin were on the isle of Númenor where their ancestors had lived in neighborhood of the Meneltarma and had been courtiers of the Númenorean Kings and members of the Númenórean Seers or Sapthani.The Tarmas , strongest in wealth and influence , ranked highly in both sheer numbers and talent , contributing many family members to both the military and civilian sectors of government and to the Council of Seers and the Guardians of the Palantiri. Their chief stronghold, Tarmabar , sprawled over a hilltop south of Lake Evendim instead of being confined within the walls of a keep. The Tarmas, occupying positions of power all across Arthedain, would say that they were its defense.The Tarma Clan commanded their own household army known as the Maethyr-en-Arthadan e-Tarmeär.The family emblem was a ring of seven gold stars on a silver-grey background.

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Notable members of the Tarmear Family

Baranfindel a·Tarmeär Ercar a·Tarmeär Ferenariel a·Tarmeär Fergerin a·Tarmeär Finralin a·Tarmeär Haldacar a·Tarmeär Ingwe a·Tarmeär Marlas a·Tarmeär Thilréna a·Tarmeär Thiremy a·Tarmeär Tirwen a·Tarmeär


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