Goblin Chieftain

was a Goblin-Captain from Moria who led a number of his tribe to revenge the fall of their Chief and the Balrog.Horvak´s Host followed the Fellowship to Lórien where his men were defeated by the Guardians of the forest.A small number of Survivors continued to follow the Fellowship's track to Rohan and eventually joined forces with the Orcs of the Eye under the command of Grishnákh.The last remnants of Horvak's expedition were slain by the Eoréd of Éomer near the borders of Fangorn.

Members of the Northerners Company under Horvak:

Ánghum Bruk F'narg Hazhbaz Kramp Lugdrak Nímau Obghâsh Quílfra Reznit Rukalai Rûkath Shagrub Slith-Rat Urgat Zân


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