were very common in Middle-Earth, differend breeds were variously categorized as Ponies, Small Horses and Great Horses or Light Horses, Medium Horses and Heavy Horses.Horses were bred as working animals,pack animals and horses in warfare (as Light and heavy war Horses) some tribes of the easterlings and Haradrim also usually consumed the flesh of horses.The offspring of a Horse and a Donkey was called a Mule or Hinny (offspring of a male horse and a female donkey).Known horse races of Middle-Earth included:

Horses of Renown

Aragorn Arod Arroch Asfaloth Bill Brego Brynmôd Bumpkin Bungo Daisy Felaróf Firefoot Flyting Gesith Hasufel Lightfoot Lumpkin Minty Myrtle Nahar Narothal Nimros Orok Rochallor Rohald Roheryn Shadowfax Sharp-ears Snowmane Strider Stybba Swish-tail White-socks Windfola Wise-nose

Genealogy of Horses

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