Equial, also known in Sindarin as sídhroch (‘horse-rest’), was a hardy, thick-stemmed weed that was difficult to find because many wild animals fed on it for its mildly narcotic properties. It was valued by the Men of Rohan as a mild anaesthetic that calmed their horses’ nerves and allowed beasts to relax under even the most trying circumstances.

Location: Eastern slopes of the Misty Mountains. Fresh Term: 1 week Prepared Term: 1 month

Effect: Well-suited to calming animals, equial had no effect on humanoid creatures or fell beasts. For 2-12 hours after consuming a dose of this plant, a creature benefited from a bonus to resist the effects of fear or panic. During that time, horses and other mounts were also easier to ride. Using this herb too frequently could prove deadly, however. For each dose past the third consumed in a single week, the creaturecould suffers in the loss of Vitality and could even perish.

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