A Honnin

The Honnin (Drû."Wanderers"), also known as the Sûzamatu (Ap."Valley-People") were a small pygmy-like people related to the Drúedain. They may have descended from a branch of the Drughu that crossed the Anduin in the First Age and moved into the Lands of Haradwaith, where they established a home in the Rây before eventually fleeing the intruding Haradrim and removed themselves to the Sûza Sûmar, or Forest of Tears.


The Honnin were small-statured, rarely taller than 3 feet, and had dark-reddish skin and curly hair. They often wore body-paint and animal-masks - usually incorporating bird symbols.


The Honnin used stone axes, spears, blowgun and pipebows, and usually didn't wore armor except for primitive plates of wood, leather and tortoiseshell.


The Honnin had a traditional Order of shamanic priest, the Ônu, who revered the Spirits of the Forest and Nature. Among these spirits or Gods were several corruptions of the Valar but also local spirits of the Nermir and Tavari Folk. They included: Aru-Baito, Hika, Kai, Mori-Kam, Oku-Tori (or Tica), Onak-Ji, Shin-Ko, Suzush and Uro-Lôk.

Honnin of Renown:


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