Hogin Wolf-Claw was an adventurer warrior from Gondor.


Nightshade Ruins

At TA 2994, while travelling in the wilds of Eriador, Hogin found the ruins of the Nightshade Sanctuary, the house of the great Nightshade Warriors, the sanctuary was destroyed by the Steel-Hearts in the middle of the Second Era, the corpses of the warriors abandoned there. Hogin went to the ruins to explore it, he discovered that Maukar, a black mage, was practicing necromancy on the corpses of the fallen warriors, making a powerfull undead army. Hogin quickly unsheated his sword and rushed into the ruin, fighting waves of undead along the way. He entered the underground crypt, where he fought more undead and finally reached the final room, where Warlord Guldar, the founder of the clan, was buried. Maukar raised Guldar to kill Hogin, but after a long fight, Hogin was able to impale Guldar, killing him, again. Hogin rushed to Maukar and beheaded the necromancer.

Clearing Weathertop

The ruined watchtower of Amon Sul, now known as Weathertop. Was infested with undead skeletons, Wolf-Claw travelled to the watchtower and defeated waves of skeletons in the graves of the ruin. He was able to clean the ruin.


Hogin was killed in the Battle of Pelennor Fields. He killed lots of orcs, but fell to the Olog-Hai.


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