Hobbitic or Hobbitish (W."Kuduk") was a dialect of Westron, the common Speech, spoken by the Hobbits of the Shire, Buckland and to some degree by those from Breeland (although Bree-Hobbitish contained some loanwords from old Breeish unknown to the shire-dialect).

In contrast to other west-eriadorian Westron dialects the Hobbit-Speech contained some terms from Éothéodan and Dunael.The more archaic form of Hobbitish was also known as "Old-Hobbitish", the more Dunael influenced variants were Breeland-Hobbitish, Old Marish-hobbitish and it's descendant Bucklandish

Hobbitish Words

Atterkopp - Spider
bams - beans
boring - a burrowing
borough - Burg, dwelling or dwellings within a fortified enclosure
bottle - a large dwelling
bottom - valley
Bralda - Heady
branda - borderland
brere - briar
Brocken - a Badger
Budge - bulged or fat
bury - fortified enclosure, burg or town
byre - a farmstead
Cleeve - a cliff or Hill
copp - Hill
cord - a pile of lumber or timber
Crick - Hill
Delf - delving or burrow
don - down, Hill
Dwale - a dull person; the Deadly Nightshade
fallow - pale or yellowish
frog - marshy
furlang - a field or grange
Gamba - a Buck or Goat
Gentle-Hobbit - a Hobbitish Gentry
Gnoll - a Forest-Troll
Goblin - Orc
Gross - a measurement equal to 144 of something (a dozen dozens)
Hallow - angle, corner, secluded place, or land by a river
Har - hairy
hard - stony, rocky
Hay - hedge
Hern - a corner or area of settled Farmland
hîm - Ale
Hobbit - Halfling, Hole-builder
Hobbiting - a Hobbit-Child not yet in his tweens
Hollow - a small depression in the ground
holm - islet; hill; holly-tree
hop - recess, retreat
Knob - a braggy or strange person
laban - bag
Listle - small
Mathom - an item considered relatively useless but still worthy enough to be kept
Michel -large, much
no - new
nuncle - a persons uncle
Oliphaunt - gigantic beast, Mûmak
pin - a Pine
pinc - a finch or sparrow
Rushock - rushy place
Rushy - a small islet
scar - a rocky cliff; boundry
Shirriff - a Sheriff or Constable
Smial - a hobbit-hole
Stan - Stone
Stock - a place, an outlying farm or hamlet
Stoor - large, strong
Swerting - a Black Man from the south, a Haradron
Taters - a root similar to a Potato
Thain - the ruler of the Shire after the loss of Arvedui
Tigh - rope
Tweens - the youth of a Hobbit, between his 20th and 33rd lifeyear
Whit - white
windle -spindle, reel
withy - Willow
Yale - a fertile upland
Zara - Old

Family Names

Axeward Alder Aleford Appledore Applely Aspen Attereve Axeward Badger Badgertoe Baggins Balfing Banks Barleycorn Barrow Beechkin Beechnut Bellage Birchroot Blackiron Blagrove Boffin Boggs Bolger Borings Bowden Bracegirdle Brandy Brandybuck Brim Broadbelt Broadleaf Brockhouse Brown Brownlock Buck Bunce Burhop Burr Burrows Bushdock Butcher Button Bywaters Chubb Clady Clarly Clay Clayhanger Cobble Codden Codwall Cofflin Cooper Corburr Cotman Cotter Cotton Cudding Curl Curtleaf Cutpelt Cutwillow Dawfinger Degwell Diggins Diggle Digswell Dumpling Elms Fairbairn Fairleave Fanny Farfield Fawn Fellowes Fielding Foxtail Gamgee Gammidge Gamwich Gardner Gawkroger Goodbody Goodchild Goodcliff Goodfoot Goodspear Goodwin Goldworthy Gorbuck Green Greenacre Greenhand Greenholm Greenroot Greenshins Griffin Grouse Grubb Hairfoot Hamson Handyman Hawkswell Hayward Hegglin Hemlock Hemming Hill Hogg Hogpen Holebourne Hollowbanks Holman Hopsbloom Hornblower Hunloy Huntfox Keepsake Kettle Lewisdown Lightfoot Lightstep Loamsdown Longburrow Longholes Lowbanks Maggot Meadowy Midtoe Moresby Mudbottom Mudfoot Mugwort Muncy Newbuck Nimblefingers Noakes Nobwood North-Took Oakbellow Oaklane Oakley Oakwright Oddfoot Ogden Oldbuck Pearfoot Pendle Pickthorn Pipes Plumwate Pott Primstone Proudfoot Puddifoot Quill Quillfoyle Reddle Redoak Redsmith Rivers Roper Rootknot Rumble Rushdock Sackville Saggles Sandheaver Sandson Sandyman Sarrabuck Shaper Slocum Smallburrow Smygrave Snipe Sorra Stonefield Stonybanks Straw Sweetwater Thistlewood Thornley Tobson Todmingle Took Topleaf Tubwort Tuck Tuckthorn Tunnelly Twofoot Twospade Underhill Vintner Wainreth Walker Weaver Wendigway Wheathead Whitfoot Whittlesbane Willow Willowood Woodvine Woolfoot Woolytoes Yale Yalekin

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