Móin Dúldachd Swamps

The Hoarwell Ferry connected the village of Macc-Rúad to the Men Sîramoth, which led to Iach-Bann and then either Móin Dúldachd or Net Riagaill.

Hoarwell ferry in T.A. 1640

In TA 1649 the ferry is in the hands of two ugly-looking Hillman brothers, Caillech and Túmag, both of them were-wolves. The wolf-skull that originally cursed them is at the bottom of the Hoarwell directly under the ferry route. They will cheerfully run their boat back and forth here till the end of the world, if the skull is not destroyed.Caillech and Túmag are merely fiercely bad-tempered and peculiar during daylight hours; if anyone is foolish enough to be on the ferry, deliberately or by accident, at night, they start to show signs of their affliction and consider slaying their passengers. If they wind up the river during an insuing fight, they will appear downstream the next morning, bedraggled but completely cured, and will not hold a grudge.


  • MERP:Arnor
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