Tûktan Warriors

The Tûktani (Tk."Offspring of the elder men") or Hiratti (Tk."Skilled Men") were a people of the Utter South, closely akin to the Kîrani and Sâre people.They were loosely knit and united by a very informal central government consisting of a council of seventeen Jilhani (village leaders). The Jilhan council met semi-annually, or if a threat to the realm as a whole warranted it. Otherwise each Jilhan ruled his town as he saw fit, and all engaged in a lively trade amongst themselves and with adjacent Kôronânde.It was in the Tuktan forest alone that the Jeedic Teak trees flourished, and their wood was prized. Not surprisingly, Tuktan wood craftsmen were very skilled and their furniture and bows were highly sought after. Tuktan composite bows could bring a price many times the average, and were said to be superior to any other, save the most powerful magical bows. Of late T.A. 1700 Tûktan had increasing problems with the Mûmakan people who, beginning to envy the fine homes and land of the Tuktani, were ever more antagonistic, raiding on the bordering villages with increasing frequency.

Outer information

The Tuktanin languages, made up the the ICE Authors, were spoken mainly in the South of Middle-Earth and are loosely based on Abyssian vocabulary.

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