Tol Himling and Mount Himring

Tol Himling was a remnant of the peak of Himring (S. "Abiding Cold", Q. "Himringê"), where Maedhros had built a tower to keep watch over Aglon and the upper Gelion. Until the Fell Winter it had been garrisoned by a troop of Noldor of the Feanorean Houses. The Elven presence on Himring, under the command of Feanorean Noldor, consisted of a small force of archers and shock troops. They had been entrusted with the guardianship of the island. Mithrin ships were attached to this command, sturdier and more enclosed than the Falathrin swan-ships of the Gulf of Lune. This force was entrusted with watching the watery approaches of the Bay of Forochel and Angmar. In the mid-Third Age the commander was Findobar, a ranger of Mithrin and Feanorean stock. Fishing boats from the Noldorin and Mithrin villages of the north often cruised the shallows of former Beleriand till the Long Winter.


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