During the Dark Years , worship of Sauron flourished among the Men of the white Mountains. Men sacrificed to the Evil One at secluded sites in the mountains. Chieftains slew themselves along with their kin to escape old age and ease their fears of death. They were then cremated , their treasures and ashes interred in chambers lodged deep within artificial hills. The Hill of the Pyre , near Galbigur , was the site of many of these hideous Sauronic rituals and , among those remaining in the Ered Tarthonion , it was the most important center of Darkness among the Eredrim. The man-made hillock sat back in the Vale of Galbigur , away from prying eyes. Barren of trees and covered with coarse grass , the Hill seemed unassuming. But within its bowels , the Hill bore testimony to Sauron' s Evil.

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