A Hill-Troll

Hill Trolls (Or."Nazlog") were among the most common of Torog breeds. Standing 9 to 12 feet tall, they were not as loathsome as Cave Trolls (few things are), but were still quarrelsome, greedy, and cannibalistic. Most groups lived in isolation, although they adhered to their loose (and ever-present) tribal structure when compelled to join.

Hill Trolls would attack other beings with clubs and thrown stones, being territorial (as Forest Trolls were not), and saved loot because they knew that it was valuable, even if they could not use it. (For instance, one tribe of Hill Trolls had a priceless library of old books in their den, obtained when they ambushed a magician travelling to visit another of his order; they couldn't read, much less use, the magic, but they guarded the books like gold.) These creatures had a great, if brutish, sense of humor and were fond of practical jokes — pranks that usually left their victims dead or maimed.

In contrast to Stone- and Cave-trolls they did not turn to stone, but were blinded by the sun.

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