Hildorien: (S.: "Land of the Followers") Birthplace of Men in the 1.A. Hildorien was located southwest of Cuivienen, along the northern flanks of the Mountains of the Wind in the center of Middle-earth.

Hildorien in the first Age


Persons of note

Dwarves: Khazi


Men:Aroch Artsír Âsriël Cantapher Cintapher Elmir Ermon Father Urd Hethron Mïlle Sinuphel Sulam Tiliwini Ucin Ulaphel


Bablon Eastern Gardens Edenâ First Temple Murmenalda Ninwi


  • Tolkien mentioned in a footnote that "Men awoke in mesopotamia", this may hint at the possibility that Hildorien corresponded to the Area of Mesopotamia or the Region equated to it on his earliest sketches of Arda.
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