Hildifons Took

Hildifons Took (TA 2844–2883?) was a Hobbit of the Shire. He was the sixth son of Gerontius Took.

Hildifons was noted for having left on a journey, as was the nature of Tooks, but was never heard from again.He had travelled to Burh Amber before setting off with his companions to lands unknown. It is possible that Hildifons found or founded an unrecorded community of Hobbits, perhaps stumbled onto even a more remarkable find (like the Entwives), but more likely, he adventured with his sister Belladonna and helped her to gain a sizeable fortune to have Bag End built--of course, there was the perhaps stronger possibility that disaster befell him and he was killed. And so there had grown in the Shire the cliché, "To go the way of Hildifons". This was applied to anyone who was beginning to act in an un-Hobbitish manner.

Hildifons was also Bilbo Baggins’s uncle and Frodo Baggins’s grand-uncle.


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