Hifur (T.A. 2860 - F.A. 171) was a Dwarf of Erebor and was the son of Bóur. Born several decades after Smaug raided Erebor, Hifur grew up in Thorin's Halls of Ered Luin and learned many tales of Durin's Folk. He believed that the Dwarves would one day reclaim Erebor and Moria. He was asked to join the company of Thorin Oakenshield, but declined since he openly feared that wealth within the mountain could drive a certain weak-minded dwarf mad.

Years after Erebor was reclaimed and Smaug's reign of terror ended, Hifur finally set his foot inside the kingdom for the first time and earned the privilege in becoming the new High Guard of the King. Hifur was loyal to Dain II Ironfoot and the honor of the dwarves, but he would only be loyal if a king would fall into madness for the lust of treasure since he had a very strong mind. This made him a great figure amongst his kin and he would be sent to Rivendell to be part of the Council of Elrond during the War of the Ring.

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