Hemp or Rapheredh (S."Rope-seed") was a widely known and cultivated plant.While the upper parts of the Rapheredh are edible and often used to make oils , Hemp is mostly used as a source for raw material for the production of ropes and cloth.Though believed to originally be only native to eastern middle-earth at last in the late third age it's use had spread throughout the westlands. Hemp was sometimes known as "Gallows-weed" although the same name was also often applied to the mandrake.

Some of the rhûnish varieties (or rather it's female blossoms) such as swuth were known to be mildly sedative if smoked or mixed with milk or other fat containing beverages and often used for recreational purposes.Sweet Galenas are sometimes erroniously mistaken for a sub-form of eastern hemp, but far more likely were a now extinct relative of Nicotiana.Other possible members of the hemp family maybe were fukavarucason and Úl-úcason.


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