The City of Helloth

Far out upon the Landless Land, some seventeen hundred

miles north of the Cape of Forochel, rose Helloth, the fabled icecity of the Snow-elves at the summit of the world. Also called Ost Helecthil, this magnificent labor houseed the shard of Illuin whose radiance illuminated the northern skies. Contrived to resemble a star-shaped flower, Helloth was surrounded by thick walls of ice with high, intricately shaped towers at the tip of each of its five petals; from the city's center climbed the great pinnacle that cradled the hallowed shard. The petals housed the dwellings and craft halls of the Snow-elves. At the feet of the great pinnacle stood the Halls of Song. The Elves did not so much build their city as carefully sculpt it from the ice over a period of a hundred and forty-four years, carving and chiseling it into delicate sculptures and reliefs. Both the city itself and nearly everything in it were of ice.

To all others, the city's cold was almost beyond enduring; to the Snow-elves, who had long since become accustomed to the climate, Helloth was a comfortable, fortified home. An enemy wishing to breech its walls should have come with all force and expect high losses. For wanderers in the Landless Land, no better refuge could be found than the Elvish city. It offered a safe haven from the deadly chill and a chance to re-provision or repair equipment. Also, no better advice concerning cold-weather travel or the northern climate could be found than that offered by the Snowelves. The city fed itself from the sea, with expeditions in summer traveling as far south as the Lakeland to gather herbs, berries and a wide variety of other edible plants, and to husband the reindeer herds. This was supplemented by the ióringath, the "cold-wheat" grown by Losp'indel and her maidens in Helloth's gardens.

Places of Note

  • Wall and Towers
  • The Petals
  • The Lindrund
  • Spire of the Helecthil
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