When Illuin, northern of the two Great Lamps that gave light to the world in the first Spring of Arda was cast down and broken by Melkor, Ilúvatar permitted Ulmo to raise a shard of Illuin above the surface of the sea to be a sign of hope for the Free Peoples. The shard came to be called Helecthil, the Radiance of Ice, and its rays lit the northern skies forever after.Ulmo comforted the Snow-elves, who journeyed onto the landless Land, drawn by the light of Helecthil. There K'elektor commenced the building of Helloth, a majestic city of ice for their dwelling.The fabled source of Helecthil, the radiance of the night sky at the summit of the world was also known as the North Pole. A pillar of ice whose pinnacle housed the lost shard , the radiance of Helecthil caused colorful displays of light in the northern skies. Helecthil's pinnacle soared 700' into the air, its sheer faces interrupted by neither window nor stair. The Lossidil had not shaped this great pillar in any way, not wishing to detract from its otherworldly glory. Its smooth, shimmering white surfaces beckoned the eye upwards, only to be blinded by the unsullied radiance of Helecthil. From its summit, the shard illuminated the northern sky with fantastic symphonies of light.

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