Healfblód Noble

The Gaesela, usually called Healfblodas by the Rohirrim, were the mixed populace of Rohan which was of both Rohir and Dunman descent.Their main settlement areas were the Valleys of the white mountains (the region of the villages Upbourn and Underharrow), the Stonedeans of the Westfold and especially the Westmarch.One of the wealthiest clans of the Healfblodas were the family of Freca the Fat which claimed to descend from an illegitimate son of King Fréawine Fréason of Rohan.Knowing the matrilinear tradition of the Dunlendings the Clan´s claim had always been a political issue considering the fact that according to Daen tradition a dunlendish family could lay claim to the throne of Rohan (which had been done so by Wulf son of Freca).


Healfblodas of renown

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