A Hawnin or southern Silvan Elf

The Hawnin (Har.Tîrael or "Star-Furies") were a branch of the Nandor who had wandered into southern Gondor and Near-Harad.

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The Hawnin were a relatively primitiv Hunters and Gatherers and shunned the desertlands, living near smaller Woodlands and riverine valleys.They either settled in small communities or remained Nomads.They generally shunned the Hildor but in their early days they had some contacts to Drughu peoples, especially the Honnin.They interacted on and off with tribes of the Wild Elves, such as neighbouring Cuind, Penni Windan and Hwenti and took over some of their habits and views estranging themselves from the Eldar.


The Hawnin were small by elvish standard, mostly below six feet which was considered average for an eldarin male, they resembled more closely the Wild Elves of the East.They had pale or lavender, but sometimes also brownish, skin and mostly dark or brown hair but also silver-white tones could be found among them.


The Nandor spoke a southern Nandorin dialect called Hawnin.

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