Head of State King Hawin, was the leader of the Dorwinion people that opposed Sauron and held true to the ways of the Free Peoples. A descendant of Bladorthin and Vidugavia, Hawin ruled the northern kingdom with a just fist.

Hawin's father had struck up a deal with King Dain, who finally delivered the spears to the Free Peoples of Dorwinion, after Hengon payed them handsomely for them. Hawin would continue to hold an alliance with the Dwarves and Dorwinion continued to prosper under his leadership. Hawin became an engaging orator and was respected and loved by his people.

King Hawin ruled in T.A. 2980 for 37 years before succumbing to death in T.A. 3017. His descendant was named Bladorthin in honor of his ancestor, who like him, was of the Koldana family that supported the Free Peoples of Middle Earth.

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