Entrance of the Main Tomb

  • Type: Burial mound 
  • Origin: Originally created in the Second Age to house the noble dead among the Men of Twilight; reopened to accommodate the dead from the wars fought between Gondor and the Haradrim in TA 2885.
  • Purpose: A ritual burial ground, no longer in use.

The Haudh-in-Gwanûr (S. "Mound of the Twin brothers") were a small row of Hills on the north bank of Athrad Poros. In the Second Age it had been a burial place of the Men of Twilight who built extensice catacombs below the Hills to house hundreds of mouldering corpses, most notably the remains of Lord Bel'zordin, a Prince who was slain in the Second Age before the Númenoreans came to the coasts to found colonies. It was reopened in TA 1050 to set the remains of the dead of a battle between Gondor and Harad to rest.In TA 2885 the Gondorians raised a barrow upon the half-forgotten older mounds to cover the remains of the brothers Fastred and Folcred of Rohan, the sons of King Folcwine of Rohan who had lallen in battle with the Haradrim during Túrin of Gondor's defense of Harithilien that same year, and renamed the Barrow Haudh in Gwanûr (S. "The Mound of the twins").The very memory of Folcwine's sons inspired fear in the Haruze for generations to come, and none dared to cross the Poros under the shadow of their mound, until at last, in T.A. 2954. Harithilin was finally abandoned and Orcs from Mordor casted down the tall stone that crowned the mound. Despite this, the twin brothers' grave itself was never violated by Gondor's enemies. Soon after the War of the Ring, Princess Éowyn of Ithilien caused the standing stone of Hauddh-in-Gwanûr to be restored.


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