Hathorian Warriors

The Hathorians were a people of the Mûmakan in the utter South of Middle-Earth.Mostly bright eyed and fair haired they were considered exotic appearances among the Barangiles of the South.There were various Theories about their origin, some Scholars suggested them to be the descendants of Eriadorians, Northrons or Kykurians who were settled by the Númenoreans in this corner of the world either as punishment or by choice, others believed them to be the possible descendants of númenórean slaves or the survivors of a Shipwreck or mutiny.


The Hathorians or Sons of Hathor were a hardy group of Middle-Men who excelled in athletic skills and brawn, but spawned no great magicians or Loremasters. They were typically joyful, brave and handsome and enjoyed physcial activity, games and good wine.Spectators often commented that the Hathorian Folk seemed to enjoy work as a sort of gleeful masochism.For mystical and unknown reasons all Hathorians seemed to fear the ocean. They did not travel overseas, but employed fisherboats and small vessels used within reach of the shore.


Hathorians mostly had fair hair and skin, many were blonde (very unusual in Ardor), but the sun had given them a permanent tan. Eyes were often blue or grey.They were enduring but not as hardy as the native Haradrim. They relied on oils and balms to protect their skin against the harsh sun.


The Hathorians spoke their own isolated tongue Hathoric, which was akin to Adûnaic and Westron and supported a proposed origin of the Hathorians in the Westlands.Many of them however also learned Kiranaic or Apysaic which both had left a strong influence in Hathoric in both sound and many loanwords.


The Hathorians worshiped a number of generally benevolent Spirits, chief among them their mythical archfather Hathor, his wife Anorel and their master Ascuru Hudari (a southron Name for the Vala Tulkas)


The Hathorian Personal Names contain Elements of Egyptian, Hebrew, Scottish Gaelic, welsh, old frankish and Old Norse, hinting towards a diverse background of the Hathorian's ancestors who, although a northwestern background is likely, may not have been a homogeneous group but consisted of men of quite different origins.

Hathorians of renown

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