Carved by glacial action long ago, the beautiful alpine vale of Harrowdale ran up from the rolling plains and threaded between the mighty peaks like green fjords. Bright streams fed by melting snow and sweetly flowing springs tumbled down the steep cliffs to the level valley floors below. River Snowbourne, a crisp, cool water fell from the Harrowdale forming the easternmost boundary of the Westfold. Above its valley were the three greatest peaks in the east-central White Mountains: the sable Starkhorn, the saw-toothed Irensaga, and the coal-grey Dwimorberg. This triad surrounded the high, holy fields of Dunharrow, the fortified mountain meadow overlooking the narrow vale; looking out over it's east edge, Edoras commanding the entry to the great valley to the south.

Places of Note

Dimholt Dunharrow Dunharrow Road Dwimorberg Firienfeld Gondorian Ruins Harrowvale Village Irensaga Paths of the Dead Upbourn Snowbourn Snowbourn Bridge Snowbourne Forest Spiritpool Starkhorn Underharrow



Men (Rohirrim): Dúnburg Dúnhere Ellen Fremedon Grid Hereward Ordwald


  • MERP: Riders of Rohan
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