The Harad Desert

The Harad Desert was the vast Land of Sand in Haradwaith.While outsiders usually considered the Harad Desert or Great Desert one region, it´s inhabitants, the Sand Men distinguished between several different areas.The Vast northern Part of the Great Desert, or True Desert (hence the semi-deserts and steppes of Near-Harad were not considered to be part of the Great Desert) was also known as the Nâfarat or Lithaer ("Dust-Sea") to the Gondorians.The Western desertlands that evolved into the Perth Sarnen, Kes Susad, Kes Weza and Kes Arik were known as the Dune Sea which was separated by a huge escarpment from the easternmore Mirror of Fire.The southwesternmost portion of the Desert was known as the Fire Plain, which separated the Sirayn from Ciryatandor.The central region of the Great Desert was also known as The Deep Desert and Middle-Harad.





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