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Haruzan noble-couple

The Harûze (Har."godly people" or "golden people"), also known as the northern Haradrim or Near-Haradrim, were the northernmost group of the peoples known as the Haradrim or Southrons. The Harûze inhabited most parts of Near-Harad, including the Kingdoms Haruzan, Chelkar, Siakan and Pezarsan.More excluded groups of Near-Harad were the Warrior-Nomads of the Umbarean outback, the Ielút and Narakshi.


The earliest ancestors of the Haruze in the Second Age had been the Fariyim or "Far Wanderers", a term which was still sometimes, though in altered form, used as a self-identification by the eastern Haruze until the mid-Third Age.However these Fariyim Wanderers had quickly intermingled with the Sakalai people of Umbar and Harondor and so their appearance and customs differed in many ways from that of the Apysans of Far-Harad.

Some of the northern Haradrim or Harûze claimed to descend from Bórs folk and used this mythical ancestry in their ever changing history of shifting allegiances with Gondor and Umbar.

Late Third Age

The descendants of the Haruze in the late third Age were known as the Harwan.


Original form in MERP:Haruze

The Haruze languages, made up the the ICE Authors, are loosely based on semitic vocabulary.However some later Authors, from the fan-modules group for example, used a turkish base instead.