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Mandos was the place of the dwelling in Aman of the Vala properly called Namo, the Judge, though this name was seldom used, and he himself was usually referred to as Mandos.The Halls of Mandos were also known as the Halls of Awaiting.


Places within Mandos

  • Amnos - The northern Gate of Mandos, close to Hanstovanen and the Great Sea.
  • Bannoth - the Region of Aman where Mandos Halls are situated.
  • Fúi - the Halls of Nienna, near the westernmost point of Aman.
  • Hall of Vairë
  • Halls of Waiting - (Q."Horosan") Resting Place of the Souls of Dwarves.
  • Hanstovanen - the Haven of northern Aman and Harbour of Mornie, the Black Ship of Nienna.
  • Houses of the Dead (Q."Coarqalino") - The Dwellings of the Spirits of the dead.
  • Lumbi - deepest Dungeon of Mandos, where Morgoth had once been bound.
  • Manimuine - The Purgatory where Souls are purified.
  • Qalvanda - the Road of the dead, leading to Mandos.
  • Silent Halls (Q."Qildasan") - near the Outer Seas, where the mortal Souls gather.
  • - Palace and Throne-Hall of Námo and Vaire.


Amnon Danuin Fanuin Gorgumoth Námo Nienna Pallando Ranuin Vaire


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